Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Emi-isms: Conversations with a 3 year old

  • Me: Emi, can you name all of the people in your family?

  • Emi: Yes! Henwy, Lalo, Owen, Wandi, Dominic

  • Me: Those are the kids at your school! Can you name the people in your family?

  • Emi: Yes! Grampy, Grandma, Alicia

  • Me: Oh, is that it?

  • Emi: Yep

  • Emi: Oh! And ABIGAIL! (Grandma's dog)

  • Emi: Mama, your face is leaking!

  • Me: No sweetie, those are little tears

  • Emi: Oh, you're crying mama?

  • Me: Just a little bit

  • Emi: No, Mama. Your face is just leaking...sowwy

  • Nat: Mom! Emi has a flashlight in her bed!

  • Emi: No I don't mama, ok? (said from beneath the glowing blankets)

  • (I'm lying on the living room floor cozy next to the fire)... Nat flings her self on top of me and says "It's a mommy sandwich!"... and Emi comes flying in lands on top of all of us and says "I'm the pickle, ok!"

  • Emi: Mama! Fank you for the new backpack! It fits all my fwiends! (said Emi with my bra slung over her shoulders with ALL of her stuffed animals)


Joannah said...

LOL! What a character. :)

Brittany said...

The last one is still my favorite! :)

Keidi said...

So cute! I love how her little brain works. 8)

Keidi said...

Wait--- not that she has a little brain! You know what I'm saying? 8) (Is it funny how my little brain works? Or how little my brain works?)

Jessica.B said...

I'm your newest follower. Found your blog through the Household 6 Diva: military community. This is my first time reading your blog & it read so well to me. Different from a lot of blogs I have come across. I look forward to reading more. By the way: This post made me giggle & gave me plenty to look forward to when my daughter was here & old enough to talk. Now my son, he's already a toddler & I'm scared to see what he has to say one day soon. lol

Jennifer said...

That is just fantastic. I love that she's the pickle!