Tuesday, October 20, 2009

There's Got To Be a Little Humor Today, and Today it's Good

Lu's tooth came out this afternoon, and she put it safely into a plastic bag. This evening while the girls were getting ready for bed, she remembered at the last minute HER TOOTH! She grabbed it from her backpack and told me she needed to scrub it 'really good.' Hmmm interesting. I asked why and she explained that she thought that f it was really clean the tooth fairy may give her extra money.

30 minutes later she emerges from the bathroom with a very sparkly tooth, and a very nice note to the tooth fairy explaining the value of this tooth. I asked her where she was going to put it, and under the pillow was her answer, just like she'd done every other time. But that dang tooth fairy isn't too dependable up in these here mountains... I suggested (without looking her in the eye) that maybe she should put it somewhere a bit more accessible. Ok she say and heads to her room.

Just now I go in there to kiss her goodnight and I'm looking slyly for that dang tooth. I asked her where it is. She said she decided to tape the bag to the wall so there wouldn't be any reason to miss it this time. I'm hoping it's by the door. So I look. Nope. Not there. She smiles SO PROUDLY and points right ABOVE her BUNK BEAD on the wall (10+ feet!!!)

Oh sh*t I'm so screwed.

I then say with a straight face and not even a hint of a smile, "Don't you think that's a little high? What if the tooth fairy can't reach it?" You can see the wheels turning.... (my heart is stopping...) and she says YA YOU'RE RIGHT MOM. She takes the baggie with the sparkly tooth and note and starts to un-scotch-tape it from the wall. I DON'T WANT TO MAKE IT TOO HARD TO GET THE MONEY, RIGHT? Right. Then she looks at me as she starts to climb down the ladder from her bed. MOM? and she looks confused but curious and like she just figured out the biggest secret ever...ARE YOU THE TOOTH FAIRY?

I can't lie. I am a horrible liar. I can't do it. Some day I pray that that will serve me well, but for now I can't even manage to sneak a few coins under a dang pillow. I look at her and give here 'the eye.' OH MY GOSH YOU ARE!!! I say shhhhh!!!!! Don't you dare tell your sister!!! I expect her to be sad or feel betrayed. But no. She erupts into laughter, almost falls giggling right down her ladder, trying to hang onto the bag. I have to shush her several times in between my own laughter.

We agree that for as long as she continues to lose teeth, and puts her tooth somewhere 'accessible' for the tooth fairy, that the tooth fairy will continue to leave coins. Should that at ANY TIME change or the true identity revealed, THERE WILL BE NO MORE COINS.

Deal 8)


Brittany said...

Proof of what a great mom you are...keep laughing Tooth Fairy!

Lauren said...

your mom is smiling at that!