Sunday, October 18, 2009

Little Here Little There

Oh what a busy day. That was the name of my favorite book growing up. Well really it's been a busy week. Some of which I'll share and some of which I won't. Today marked (probably the first of many) where I just couldn't take any more so I got up and left. Hmmm. Not sure where I'm going with that.

In other news: Emi had another birthday party and Grandma's house. She took off her shirt and everything. She liked the singing so much that we just kept singing happy birthday over and over again.
In a rare evening out (in public and everything) we went and watched the first night game for the high school football team. Not only was it a STELLAR game, but I was not cornered by crazy babbling overly aggressive nosey you-know-whos whose life task it is to get the gossip, jumble it round so it insults more than necessary and spread it like wild fire. All in all, I'm going to chalk this night up to a success!
Last week we faced a pretty intense storm that came quickly, dumped 10+ inches of rain, closed the roads and the schools, took down trees and power lines, flooded my garage, left us without electricity for 3 days and reminded me: I LOVE this weather. Call me crazy (cause I totally am) but I wouldn't have it any other way. So there.
Nat was kind enough to document one of those days on the calendar for us:
The girls and I played cards, board games, Yahtzee, and a game of charades that took an almost surprising inappropriate twist. I then needed to end the game. We also baked yummy banana bread, pan fried some eggos, dug some ditches down the side of the house and garage, and stood in the rain and applauded the PG+E men when the power was restored. This is how the girls look on the day school was cancelled. Perfectly happy. 8)

And really WHO KNEW Friday was bosses day? My staff! Let me take you through the quick inventory of the below picture: 1 fruit tart from The Farm, 1 home made lemon cake, 3 bags of chocolate candy, 1 card signed by all, and one beautiful bouquet of flowers that include protea, which just melts my heart. I feel loved.

Somewhere in all this I also managed to scoot away for the better part of the day and most of the night to see Vince Gill in concert. FABULOUS. I hope his feelings aren't hurt, but sometimes the road trip is just as much fun as the concert itself. As a result of this trip the two ladies and I have made the following pact: 1/ we will never have perfect hair, 2/ we will never be-dazzle, 3/ we will never partake in old lady perfume use, 4/something about make up, 5/ I'm sure there was another one, but can't remember it. Anyone??

Oh my goodness and my kids are so cute and so perfect I can barely stand it. OK I know they are not perfect-perfect by OUR standards, but they are perfectly them in their little personalities and perfectly silly and they light up my life.

AND, let me not forget that Emi will be a singer one day. Not sure how that is all going to play out, but it will. I'm sure.

Signing off from the land of confusion, exhaustion, missed opportunities, unsaid feelings, almost enough laughter, unmatched socks, and chronic need for cookie dough...

And one last thing: 40 years today for mom and dad


Lauren said...

i know exactly what you mean about the rain and power outages. I miss 'em. Thinking of you, especially this week. Wish i were there to hug you and tell you how wonderful you are.

Stacie said...

Oh I just love love your kids too! :D

Keidi said...

Your writing and accounts of things makes me wish we were best friends! Thanks for letting me read along with your life. 8)

Brittany said...

#4 No Aqua Net & #5 No side shaved haircuts...I will add a #6. We will never let our men wear shirts like Vince Gill was wearing...what was that????