Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day

Something about a small town parade, followed by a town BBQ at the park with live music, on a lovely day, makes me smile.

The girls and I took the truck down early and parked in the church parking lot. From experience we know, if we get there with enough time, we can park the truck in such a way that can sit/stand/play in the back of the truck and watch the parade go by. And not take up valuable sidewalk gawking space.

And it WAS lovely. And just enough warm, and just enough wind, and just enough people I wanted to see, without the anxiety spiking.

My heart still stops though, when I see Marine Corps formations. There was plenty of that at the parade too. From the safety of the back of the truck, and behind my sun glasses, I let it come and wash over me.

Something was backwards though, which broke my heart, even more that the Marine Corps. As the bagpipes were playing, I was seeing these troves of men and women who had served this country walk humbly down the center of the street. Some of them were throwing candy to the kids who were scurrying along the edges of the road... never satisfied with one last piece, always hungry, needy for more.

How backwards is this?  Remind me why the veterans are in this parade. And then remind me why they would be tossing out anything... to garner what? Attention? Acceptance? A few nods of gratitude and thankfulness? *THIS* is my heart breaking. Good Lord, yes the veterans should be in the Memorial Day Parade, but WE should be showering THEM. With our words of love, our acceptance, our gratitude and thankfulness. Our ability to express these things should rain down upon them, and not just in a parade.

Just my take on things.


Reccewife said...

I know what you mean. Here in Canada we have Rememberance Day (same day as your veterans day), there's no Memorial Day and no parades or celebrations, just somber ceremonies that sadly few people bother attending anymore.
When my husband got back from his first tour to Afghanistan, the city decided to 'honour' them by...making them practice drill only days after returning home and then parade for a couple hours down the street downtown in full dress in the sun so people could watch. Seems a little backwards...
Anyways, you have a beautiful take on this day, thank you for sharing.

Mary Thomas said...

totally agree. what sweethearts, to throw candy for the kids, but yes, I wish they heard our support from everywhere. they definitely don't get nearly enough of it.