Saturday, February 12, 2011

Two Twelve

Happy Birthday to Abe Lincoln, Judy Blume, and MY MOMMY♥

Can't believe it's been another year already. Dad and James and I had settled into a little routine of celebrating mom's birthday each year... but each year it gets harder.

Every time it starts to rain I think of Mom even more. She and I both LOVED the rain. We'd always celebrate the first rain of the season. Similarly, she loved all things Iris. So every time I see an Iris, especially the first ones of the season, I can't help but think she's right there too :)

But I REALLY don't want this to be a SAPPY post today, and on one of my fave websites I turn to when I need a little chuckle... I found this. This is something mom may not have done, but surely would have gotten a kick out of :)


Lauren said...

cold Valley rain, Spankey's, your Mom driving, you silent, too early in the morning to talk, good times.

Quinn said...

On Saturday morning I was driving to work when your mom popped in my mind. She was my number one favorite teacher and I think of her and miss her all the time. On Saturday morning I just thought of how awesome she was and (randomly)that I can still picture her handwriting and I shed a few tears for her. Then today I read your blog I see that Saturday was her birthday. Wow. Just makes me feel like she's watching down on all of us, and that makes me smile.