Sunday, December 19, 2010


I have a headache, and Lil Miss Bitty spilled her soup. No big deal. Really. We work together to clean up the big chunks, and then I ask her to get a kitchen towel to sop up the extra juice.

I took this pic when she added about the 30th kitchen towel:
I simply told her that 30 was plenty, and really it was a small spill of soup, so this should be fine. Good Job.

No. She shook her little 3 year old finger at me, climbed on top of her new kitchen towel sopping up soup tower and told me, "Your attitude is unacceptable, Mama. Please don't talk back to me like that ever again. "
She's climbed down now, has run out of kitchen towels, and started in on the wash cloths.
I appreciate your dedication to cleanliness, really I do. Now just stop. Please.


Brittany said...

OH I love her! :) Love you too!

Keidi said...

It is telling to me that what most impressed me about this post is your towel supply! Maybe I need to get a few more in the kitchen, my gutt now says, as we run out frequently and I just do more laundry. I am inspired, thank you! And Adessa was overheard the other day talking to the pancake she was trying unsuccessfully to cut: "This is UNacceptable!" Yeah. I guess they really do listen to us. Or at least hear what we say. 8) Hope your headache improved!

Mary Thomas said...

hahaha so now I know what to get her for Christmas next year... about 30 more towels?