Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Thises and Thats

My little environmentalists!!! Look at all that trash they gathered in last week's river/road clean up!

Bitty on a pony!!! She didn't want to get off. She kept telling the cowboy man, "No. I need the pony." Also little side note here that I drove on Nat's 2nd grade class field trip to the fair, which is something I will NEVER.AGAIN.DO. Death by insanity.
Came home last week to a very large box on my front stoop after a particularly CRAPPY CRAPPY day and found this! A cookie-bouquet! I cried. Tears and sobbing and all that. Then I inhaled the cookies and found I really am in love with sugar after all. (Bouquet courtesy of my dear friend and realtor who knew it was one year since we closed escrow on our first house.) Love my friends.

Two of my favorite people had back to back birthdays! One got a picture from us (and a snazzy little song if I do say so myself...). And one sent me a picture of her and the babe in the mommy and me aprons:

In other news... Nat is sick with some nasty cough but the sweetest most cuddly, loving little sickie.
Lu is becoming quite the young lady:
And Bitty just found out she LOVES the slide! Especially the one that is just her size and doesn't intimidate her!

That's all I can muster up right now. Onward!

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